About Us

Frankston Historical Society is located at Ballam Park Homestead in Frankston.
Our first initial meetings were held November/December 1960. The first Committee was then formed in January 1961,
with the backing of  The Royal Historical Society of Victoria and Miss Nan McCelland, founder of McCelland Gallery Frankston.

The Society’s first aim is to preserve the history of Frankston.

Its first project was to save Ballam Park Homestead(1855) from demolition. The Homestead was built by Frederick Liardet, second son of Wilbraham Liardet, pioneer of Port Melbourne. In 1965 Frankston Council, at the society’s instigation, purchased the house from the Board of Works for the people of Frankston. Since this time the Society has operated from the grounds of Ballam Park Homestead while assisting Frankston Council preserve an important part of our local history.

In 2014 Frankston Historical Society was appointed caretaker of another one of Frankston’s gems, The old school room museum and collection, located on the grounds of Frankston Primary School Davey Street. school number 1464 est.1874.
Frankston’s first state school was built in 1874, In 1889 the brick school room was added, this is the only part of the original school to survive and is now museum set up as a period classroom / museum. It includes information about some past students, photographs and memorabilia.. Providing an insight into the school system of earlier days. Historical school rolls are also available.

We are a volunteer organisation and we both run and open the Homestead and School House to the public. We cater to Schools and Community groups from all over Australia and overseas.We have a large collection of artefacts and memorabilia that showcase the homestead

The Society has been preserving records dating as early as 1839, giving us the award of P.O.D (Public Records Office Depository) for our archives. Places of Deposit are community facilities such as mechanics’ institutes and historical societies that preserve public records of local significance. State Government records held in a Place of Deposit remain under the control of Public Record Office Victoria. Agencies wishing to place records into PODs must first obtain approval from Public Record Office Victoria. For Further Information please contact Glenda Viner local POD Officer.



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